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  • Instagram brings back the chronological feed - but when will it arrive?

    Instagram appears to have taken its own social behavior prediction report seriously. Not only did the Meta-owned platform begin tweaking the way its users interacted with the content, it actually took the feedback seriously and appears to be bringing back some features that had gone out of favor.
    Just a month ago, Instagram had announced that a version of its chronological feed would be rolled out. Now reports on XDA Developers indicate that the image-sharing platform was doing so and had actually started testing the new implementation with some of its users.

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  • WhatsApp is making iOS notifications much more helpful

    WhatsApp is making a small but significant change to message notifications for iOS users. The change is currently only visible to beta testers, but will be rolling out to more users in due course.
    In the latest iOS beta version, WhatsApp is making it easier to see who a message is from. The change relates to app notifications, and it brings the iOS version of the app in line with the Android version.

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  • TikTok secret algorithm is a big 'Duh!'

    TikTok’s powerful algorithm steering the social media activity of millions of daily users is no longer a mystery.
    In a new New York Times report that outlines information gleaned from what’s been verified as an official document, TikTok’s algorithm is laid bare. Wait for it: it prioritizes retention and time spent, and is insanely obvious.

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  • Windows 11 finally gets native Android apps – but only for certain users

    Windows 11 finally has the highly anticipated support for Android apps which Microsoft promised upon first revealing the OS – albeit just in testing for now, and only certain Windows Insiders can benefit from it.
    As you may recall, the ability to natively run Android apps on the Windows 11 desktop – or at least some Android apps, namely those provided by the Amazon App Store, via the Microsoft Store – was hoped to be present at release, but the feature never came.

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  • YouTube is finally removing vaccine misinformation videos

    YouTube has announced that harmful content regarding vaccine misinformation will be removed from the video-sharing platform and that the accounts of anti-vaccine influencers will be terminated.
    This isn't the first time that YouTube has tightened its policies regarding the spread of misinformation, having previously announced partnerships with various health organizations to create medical videos for its platform, and introducing a ban on videos regarding Covid vaccinations that contradict the WHO (World Health Organization) in October last year.

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  • Google is making it easier to delete your recent search history on phone: Here’s how

    Google's search history can reveal a lot about the user – it shows what users have been looking for online and also gives a sneak peek into their browsing habits, which is something you might not necessarily want to keep a record of.
    Considering how prevalent phones are becoming as a user's primary devices, a lot of these searches now take place on mobile devices. Until now, it has been a little convoluted to delete your recent search history, with the options provided by Google rather limited in scope.

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